"Key of Karavana" from Pacific Milk album

"Hotel Knife" from Limblifter's Pacific Milk Album. Directed by Steve Bays

'Hotel Knife' Performed at the Exclaim! office in Toronto

Limblifter - 'Tinfoil'    

Derek Horn Directed - shot in Toronto to look like a bigger version of our actual studio in a former meat locker in Vancouver.

Ryan Dahle - 'Shutdown'      
Caleb Beyers - Directed - This whole set was made from paper, many artists pitched in to help, huge thanks to: Hanahlie Beise, Todd M Duym, Dane Baspaly, Kim Kennedy Austin, Yahya An-Dinh, BenMacDonnell, Mikey Manville, Shawn Angelski, & Gavin DeWest.


Derek Horn Directed - brother Brad Dahle driving one of the cars. Yes, we did our own stunts.


Ryan Dahle - 'Beta King Stilts'      

Moneca Alden - created this video - she thieved the footage and organized the moving images on a computer machine as she saw fit to coincide with the music. She has an untapped knack for it. Thanks Moneca!

Limblifter - Ariel vs. Lotus      

Derek Horn Directed - Giraffe inspired video.

Ryan Dahle - Agoraphobe  '    
Moneca Alden - created this video before moving to California, bye Moneca.

Limblifter - Wake Up to the Sun       

Derek Horn Directed - Vancouver's 2nd Beach pool. and a Zundapp Bella Zündapp!

Limblifter - Cordova      

Derek Horn Directed - run the run.    

Limblifter - Perfect Day to Disappear      

Derek Horn Directed - we shot this at 3rd beach in Vancouver in front of massive back drops and near the end the back drops come down and you see the Straight of Georgia, the Salish Sea. Brent Follett drums and David Paterson guitar. 

Limblifter - On the Moon      

Greg Milton Directed - Todd McConkey on drums and driving his own truck.
Meg's dad, Professor Gary Bradfield on set decorator duties, we shot in his garage.